Saturday, February 23, 2008

Greg Patent Wows NPR

Greg Patent - cookbook author and Montana Public Radio "Food Guy" - recently garnered a spot on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday.

Through the magic of technology, Patent talked with NPR national correspondent Daniel Zwerdling from a recording studio in Washington, D.C., while Patent whipped up a batch of Iraqi Cheese Sambouseks in his own kitchen. Montana Public Radio producer and recording engineer Beth Anne Austein captured the Missoula end of the conversation.

The following day, the Cheese Sambouseks arrived at NPR headquarters via FedEx. The program, broadcast January 27, includes sounds of Zwerdling and Liane Hansen biting into the Sambouseks, then moaning with delight. Here's a link to the story titled, "From Cannoli to Chapati: A Baker's Culinary Journey."

In addition to co-hosting "The Food Guys" on Montana Public Radio, Patent's considerable list of accomplishments includes writing eight cookbooks, appearing as a guest on national television and radio programs, hosting a long-term TV cooking show, contributing two columns a month to the Missoulian, and teaching classes.

Look for more information about Greg Patent, his recipes, and cookbooks at
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