Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Moritz Effect

Our guest on "The Write Question" this week is Barry Schieber from Bigfork, Montana. Click here to read about Barry Schieber and Moritz, and listen to the program.

The Special Olympics Committee of Montana selected Barry's new book, Moments of Wonder: Life with Moritz, to be gift wrapped and given to every athlete participating in this year’s Winter Special Olympics. Barry and Moritz attended the games.

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  1. Hello Cheri,

    I'm sorry to butt in here off topic, but I'm a fan of Jennifer Graf Groneberg and I heard her interview on The Write Question last week (19th) but it looks now as if the link has been comes up when you click on "Listen" but then it says "no clip info."

    As I say, I'm sorry to contact you this way, but is there any way I can find the clip somewhere? Will you perhaps be posting it here on your blog?

    Thank you so much!