Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chris Jones: award-winning journalist

Our guest this week is Chris Jones. Jones started out as a newspaper reporter, a sports writer. But he wanted to write about something "deeper than football."

The first time he was able to convince an editor at Esquire magazine to let him write a feature article, he won the National Magazine Award for Feature Writing.

Jones is currently the T. Anthony Pollner Distinguished Professor at the University of Montana School of Journalism.

Tune in to Montana Public Radio Thursday, November 19, at 7:30 p.m. or listen online.


  1. Very interesting and funny speaker. If you missed his lecture in the UC in November you missed some honest, touching, tear-jerkingingly powerful speaking. A journalist with a larger than normal capacity for understanding human situations and social interactions.The U of M made a great choice in selecting him as the Pollner Distinguished Professor award.

  2. Did you ever PLAY any sports, Chris? Do you think you could actually RUN down a soccer field without collapsing? You're a journalist, not an athlete! Can you even fathom how intense the Paraguay/Spain game was? Do you even realize how FAST they were running without letting up the ENTIRE 90 minutes? How is that boring? How is a game with a little landlocked country in the south of South America forcing world power Spain to run their ASSES off just to put in one measley goal in the WORLD CUP QUARTER FINALS boring? Especially when they didn't even get in in until the last 10 minutes? Your articles aren't even real commentary! You're just sardonic and disdainfully "witty"! Why are you working for ESPN?

  3. Chris Jones journalisms understanding is just a continuous provocation, he does not give a damn about investigating or about information, or even about the truth, who cares. He practices a kind of journalism where the principal figure is himself. And of course he tries to be the main attraction to sell more and papers. Considering he has anything important to say, his only way is to insult or to make disdainfully comments about things he does not understand and he does not want to understand. This man is a shame for real journalism