Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Roger Dunsmore's new collection, You're Just Dirt

Many of Roger Dunsmore's narrative poems have a new home in his latest collection, You're Just Dirt. (The cover art is by Jennifer Fallein, Dunsmore's wife. And, yes, that is Roger Dunsmore in his bathrobe.)

Dunsmore is this week's guest on The Write Question. During the program he talks about writing poems (he finds most of them by listening) and his adventures as a humanities scholar. He also reads several poems from the book, including "Does Poetry Matter," "The Grandmother With Her Own Bomb," and "The Bear Remembers." And you'll hear a poignant new poem, "Older Brother."

Here's an excerpt of "The Grandmother With Her Own Bomb"

One time
there was an old Russian woman,
Ukrainian actually,
with a bomb under her bed.
It came through the roof at night
while she was sewing by her window.
Whe heard a whistling sound, got up, and was struck by a blast of wind.
When she came to
the sewing machine was gone and there was a hole in the floor...
(You can hear the entire poem, and others, during the program.)

Tune in for The Write Question every Thursday evening at 6:30 (Yellowstone Public Radio) or 7:30 (Montana Public Radio). Or listen online.

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