Monday, June 7, 2010

Patrick Marsolek: A Joyful Intuition

Patrick Marsolek, author, teacher, facilitator, and director of Inner Workings Resources has just published a new book that can help readers expand their intuitive skills.

The following is an excerpt from A Joyful Intuition, which includes one of the intuitive exercises.

Intuition is a natural human ability of directly perceiving information that is meaningful to us. If you are interested in tapping into your intuition more easily and reliably, you can. Here’s a simple exercise you can try to help you learn how it works.

Remember a conversation you had recently with a close friend. Remember the sound of her voice, phrases she used and what you felt and experienced when talking with her. By remembering her, you begin to resonate with her in the present.

Once you’ve ‘tuned in’ to her, ask yourself a question or two; “Is she home? Is she at work? Is she feeling happy or sad?” Ask questions you would ask her in person, but that you don’t know the answer to now. After asking each question, wait for an answer within yourself. Notice anything you experience after you ask the question and write it down.

What else would you ask her in person? Ask more questions. You can notice and allow whatever thought, perception, or even imagined response you have to each question. Whatever you sense, even if you think it’s your imagination, write it down. Ask as many questions as you want, noticing any perceptions you have for each question.

Then when you’re ready, call your friend. Share with her what you’re doing. Ask her the same questions. Take notes. Be aware how you feel as you get your feedback. Even as you talk with her, you are in an intuitive process and learning about yourself. Be sure to thank her for helping you with your exploration and learning.

When you’re done with your conversation, go back to your list. Circle any perceptions you wrote down that you feel were correct. Remember the sensations you had for the these answers. Was there any consistency? How about the ones that didn’t seem related to the feedback? With attention, you will start to know the difference.

This exercise is a simple way of directly applying intuition. There are unlimited ways to use it. Any time you are going to get some information through normal sensory channels, you can check your intuition first. Ask, pay attention, and note your results. Then get your feedback and compare your results. You can have fun and every new experience can be part of your learning.

What happens when you’re at work and you get a pleasant sense that reminds you of another friend? Do you imagine they’re thinking about you? Call them and see. If you don’t ask, you’ll miss the opportunity to validate your intuition.

When you trust your intuition, you activate a personal intelligence and wisdom that can be deeply meaningful and fulfilling. Using your intuition doesn’t replace your ability to think rationally. It just augments it and balances it. Paying attention to that information can enrich the quality of your life.

You can read more about A Joyful Intuition at and on Facebook at:

Patrick will be doing book signings and lectures in the following cities in Montana in June:

Missoula Book signing: Wednesday June 9th, 7:00 pm. Fact & Fiction Bookstore - 220 North Higgins

Whitefish: A Public Talk for the Whitefish IONS Group, Thursday, June 10th, 7:00 pm, Bohemian Grange Hall

Helena Book signing at the workshop:
Sacred Wisdom in Dangerous Times - An experiential workshop with James O'Dea and Patrick Marsolek. Saturday, June 19th

Great Falls Book Signing: Tuesday, June 22nd, 4:00-6:00 pm. Hastings Books - 726 10th Ave. South

Contact Patrick Marsolek: 406-443-3439 or Read more about Patrick Marsolek and his activities at

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