Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Poems: "Cream" - by Robert Wrigley


It helped to be sixteen and bored a fourth day
deep in the woods, though I like to think it
not just a weariness with trout, mountains, or trees,

but a measure of genius that, having brought back
to his brother and me in camp
the mostly meat-free rib cage of an elk,

my youngest son had also learned that with a mallet of leg bone
he could play on it "Old MacDonald Had a Farm"
and the first five notes of "Sunshine of Your Love."

* * *

Robert Wrigley's poetry has won the Pushcart Prize six times. His previous books include Lives of the Animals, winner of the Poets' Price; Reign of Snakes, which won the Kingsley Tufts Award; and In the Bank of Beautiful Sins, which was awarded the San Francisco Poetry Center Book Award. "Cream" was published in his latest collection, Beautiful Country. Robert Wrigley lives with his wife, the writer Kim Barnes, in the woods near Moscow, Idaho.

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