Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sarahlee Lawrence, author of River House: A Memoir

Sarahlee Lawrence grew up in remote central Oregon and spent her days dreaming about leaving her small town for adventure. By the age of twenty-one, Lawrence had rafted some of the world's most dangerous rivers as an accomplished river guide. But living her dream, riding and cleaning the arteries of the world, let her back to the place that she least expected to end up -- her dusty beginnings and her family's ranch. During this program, Lawrence reads from River House and talks about why she wanted to build a home for herself on her family's land.

Sarahlee Lawrence was born and raised on her family's ranch near Terrebonne, Oregon. After a decade of travel and study, including earning an MS in environmental science and writing from the University of Montana, Missoula, she returned to the ranch where she owns and operates an organic vegetable farm.

About River House, William Kittredge writes: "River House is about rediscovering family and working through the compromises involved in finding your life, the people and days you actually love. It's tough, smart, and eloquently told, a dead-on beauty. Enjoy. I surely did."

Hear Sarahlee Lawrence talk about and read from her memoir River House during The Write Question this evening at 6:30 ( or 7:30 (

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