Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jeff Hull, author of Streams of Consciousness and Pale Morning Done

Let's say you can't tell a trout from a tarpon, you think a bonefish is a fossil and that a fly shop sells airplane parts. Well then, fishing is probably not your passion. But that shouldn't stop you from reading Jeff Hull's collection of personal essays, Streams of Consciousness: Hip-Deep Dispatches from the River of Life.

Even though fishing is what the pieces have in common, these are tales of adventure brimming with insight and speckled with shiny bits of wisdom.

The same goes for Hull's novel, Pale Morning Done. Yes, it's a story populated with fishing guides, rivers, and water-use conflicts. But it's also a double-fisted love story: love for a person and love for a place.

Among other things, David James Duncan has this to say about Pale Morning Done:
"Jeff Hull has taken a pack of noncommitting males and females, slackers, trustifarians, hustlers and bullies, armed them with boats and fly rods, unleashed them on my favorite waters, and turned this betrayal into one of the great fly-fishing novels of our time."

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During The Write Question this week, Hull will talk about his books and a few of the articles he's written for national magazines like Audubon, the New York Times, and Atlantic Monthly.

Tune in Thursday, March 17, at 6:30 p.m. ( or 7:30 (, or listen online anytime. You can also listen by signing up for The Write Question podcast.

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  1. Jeff, in reading your article on the wolves in this month's Audobon, on pg. 48, are you tellin me that sarcoptic mange was introduced to the wolves in 1900's, ON PURPOSE? Please tell me that is not the case.