Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Neil McMahon, author of L.A. Mental

After publishing ten novels, Neil McMahon's first thriller, L.A. Mental, is a mind-bending blend of nano-tech paranoia and classic murder mystery, set in a city on the edge.

Psychologist Tom Crandall is thrown for a loop when his drug-addled brother, Nick, jumps from a Malibu cliff, barely surviving the fall. Things only get weirder when he discovers that Nick has been blackmailing members of their family, including their brother Paul, who is financing a movie by a scientist with some odd theories about human behavior. Heading to the set, Tom meets the charismatic—albeit enigmatic—physicist-turned-filmmaker, and not long after he begins experiencing wild mood swings between euphoria and anger. And he is not alone—all over the city people seems to be coming unhinged: a respected judge goes berserk, a wealthy celebrity widow is found floating unconscious in her pool, a brilliant astrophysicist runs onto a busy freeway and is killed. What is going on? Are Tom and the others caught in some terrifying scheme? Can he get to the bottom of things before it is too late?

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