Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Poems: "Around Us" -- by Marvin Bell

We need some pines to assuage the darkness 
when it blankets the mind,
we need a silvery stream that banks as smoothly
as a plane's wing, and a worn bed of 
needles to pad the rumble that fills the mind,
and a blur or two of a wild thing
that sees and is not seen. We need these things
between appointments, after work,
and, if we keep them, then someone someday,
lying down after a walk
and supper, with the fire hole wet down,
the whole night sky set at a particular
time, without numbers or hours, will cause
a little sound of thanks--a zipper or a snap—
to close round the moment and the thought
of whatever good we did.

*     * *     *     *
Marvin Bell is a poet and teacher. He has taught at Oregon State  University, the Iowa Writer's Workshop, the University of Hawaii,  and the University of Washington. He currently teaches in the  writing program at Pacific University in Oregon. 
He has published nearly 20 books of poetry,  including Drawn by Stones, by Earth, by Things That Have Been in the Fire (1984), Vertigo: The Living Dead Man  Poems (2011), and Rampant (2004), in which  the above poem appears. He served as the first  poet laureate of the State of Iowa. His has also been  awarded Guggenheim and National Endowment of the Arts  fellowships, a Fulbright Award, and was a finalist  for the National Book Award. He currently lives in Port  Townsend, Washington.

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