Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alan S. Kesselheim, author of 'Let Them Paddle: Coming of Age on the Water'

When paddlers Alan S. Kesselheim and his wife were starting their family, each of their three kids unintentionally experienced, before birth, a major river expedition. Later, Eli, Sawyer, and Ruby grew up on other river trips, joining the Kesselheims in canoes as infants and toddlers and becoming adept paddlers and campers before the age of ten.

Recognizing a unique opportunity to celebrate their childrens' transitions to adulthood, the family returned to those "birth" rivers and repeated each of the three original paddling trips. Over a period of four years, as each child reached the age of thirteen, and across a span of geography from the Arctic Circle to Mexico, the family of five shared inspirational travel adventures on the water.

A moving testimonial for allowing children to experience nature firsthand, Let Them Paddle is a captivating tale of a family coming of age. And an inspiration for coming-of-age celebrations — of any kind.

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