Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ellaraine Lockie

Wild as in Familiar is Ellaraine Lockie's ninth chapbook of poetry. She has also published two nonfiction books and contributed sections and essays to other books.

"Ellaraine Lockie's chapbook, Wild as in Familiar, takes us on a journey that is in itself, both wild and familiar: Stephen King, Cananova, earthworms, rose bushes, butterflies, crows, hummingbirds, childhood spiders, frong rain, prairie fire, Africa, Taos, Sonoran desert, Mexico, Montana. These are wide-ranging poems, but poems grouned in seriousness and imagination, grouned in thought and reflection. Readers who are familiar with Ms. Lockie's poetry will want to place this book on the shelf with her other works. Those who are new to her words will want to make sure there's a little room on the shelf next to this one."

-- Michael Czarnecki, poet, oral memoirist and founder of FootHills Publishing

Lockie is active in public poetry readings and travels the world, appearing at events as a writer and professional papermaker.

Find out more about Ellaraine Lockie and listen to the program, on the radio or online.

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