Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Marcel Jolley, author of PRIORS

Much like the characters contained within, the four stories and one novella that comprise Priors do their best to explore how we balance the life we want to live with the one that we already have.

Set in the northwest, Marcel Jolley's stories touch on fishing, fathers and sons, death and loss, personal history, hero worship, Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, long-time friendships and relationships, and expectations. Each story is told by a man, a first-person narrator, ranging in age from 18 to mid-life.

Former radio commentator Paul Harvey appears as a "turkey-necked dinosaur" in the title story, which Marcel Jolley reads in its entirety during this program.

"The stories in Marcel Jolley's Priors give shape to the shapelessnamely, the surprises time holds in store for us all, good and bad, but in any case blessed to have been part of the game. In prose both colloquial and charged with the power of parable, Jolley sings of here and there, now and then. In other words, he tellsand returns to usour stories, ourselves."

Tracy Daugherty, author of One Day the Wind Changed

During this week's program, Chérie Newman talks with Marcel Jolley about the first-person narrators in Priors and regional writing. Jolley will also read the title story from the collection.

 Find out more about Marcel Jolley and his books, and listen to the program on the radio or online.

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