Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Charlotte Caldwell, author of 'Visions and Voices'

It began with a dilapidated schoolhouse that Charlotte Caldwell and her husband could see from their window. Then came a neighbor's story about riding her horse, bareback, to a one-room school, which was followed by months of phone calls, emails, research and a series of trips that added 12,000 miles to the family car. Locating one-room schoolhouses in each of Montana's 56 counties, and finding people who attended or taught in them, took a tremendous amount of time and energy. But Caldwell believes Visions and Voices: Montana's One-Room Schoolhouses, the book of photographs and stories she produced, was worth all the effort she put into it.

Why? Because she believes that one-room schoolhouses are important. They hold the stories of our culture, from the arrival of the first non-native families to present-day students who use technology to overcome their isolation. Caldwell's dedication to saving these buildings and stories includes giving 100% of profits to preservation efforts.

Hear Charlotte Caldwell talk about and read from Visions and Voices during this week's program, on the radio or online.


  1. Charlotte and Jeffrey are rock stars of preservation and enthusiasm!

  2. Very excited to buy this for a gift to my wife. Great to hear this was done.