Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Screenplay Writers Alex Smith, Andrew Smith, and Ken White

This week, The Write Question features a trio of screenplay writers: Andrew Smith, Alex Smith, and Ken White. The three have teamed up to adapt James Welch's novel, Winter In The Blood, into a feature film.

THE BROTHERS SMITH co-wrote and co-directed the award-winning feature film, The Slaughter Rule, starring Ryan Gosling, David Morse, and Amy Adams.

KEN WHITE is a poet, screenwriter, and member of the Screen Actor’s Guild, who received his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Montana.

Visit the Montana Public Radio Web site to read more about the Smith brothers and White. You'll also find a link there to the Winter In The Blood film Web site and a link to The Write Question audio.

The Write Question airs each week on Montana Public Radio, Thursday evenings at 7:30.

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