Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Virginia Tranel writes her childhood friend's story

Benita Kane was the pretty one, the talented one, the girl all the other girls wanted to be. And no one knew she had a terrible secret.

Then, decades after she and Benita graduated from college together, Virginia Tranel began to hear rumors circulating in her hometown of Dubuque, Iowa: Benita was accusing Father Dunkel, the man who became their parish priest when they were young girls, of sexual abuse. Tranel re-established her relationship with Kane and eventually decided to write her story.

BENITA: prey for him is the true story of a bright, vivacious girl and the Catholic priest who lured her from childhood into a disastrous 20-year entanglement that changed the course of her life.
Hear Virginia Tranel talk with TWQ producer Chérie Newman Thursday evening at 6:30 on Yellowstone Public Radio) or at 7:30 on Montana Public Radio.

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