Wednesday, November 16, 2011

James Lee Burke, Kevin Canty, and Robin Troy

This week we break format to feature a live broadcast with James Lee Burke and Kevin Canty (unless you're listening to YPR -- more about that below).

Burke and Canty will join TWQ producer Chérie Newman in the MTPR broadcast studio for a conversation about the importance of literature and public support for programs like The Write Question.

Listen live at 7:30 over the Montana Public Radio network (

If you're in Yellowstone Public Radio country, this week's program features Robin Troy, author of the "quiet" novel Liberty Lanes.

In a world full of ramped-up, fast-paced fiction, it's nice to find a quiet story, a story about people like you and me, folks who have trouble deciding what something means and sometimes say the wrong thing. But, at least in this case, quiet doesn't mean boring.

The characters in Troy's novel, Liberty Lanes, are a group of elderly bowlers. But they do not slide into the box of stereotypes about aging without a fight. Nay, they are too busy living life to its fullest for that nonsense. They have romantic flings, gossip, and meet up for lively bowling sessions three times each week.

Debra Magpie Earling (author of Perma Red) writes, "Liberty Lanes is a transcendent story about the power of love and friendship. A tender and moving tale, a joy to read."

Hear Robin Troy talk about and read from  Liberty Lanes on Yellowstone Public Radio Thursday evening at 6:30.

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