Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rick Craig begins a new mystery series

Raising a child is challenging, under any circumstances. But when parenting includes high-altitude hazards, a dead body, and trained assassins, it takes a skilled and savvy man to keep his child safe.

In Rick Craig's new novel, The Last Mountains, that man is Park Service climbing ranger Tom Hadley. As he goes into the summer of 2002, all he wants is to become a better father and reassemble the life that fell apart when a brain injury ended his promising Himalayan mountaineering career. But murder pulls him into a web of terrorists, American agents and political intrigue as the country moves toward war. Tom foils an apparent assassination attempt on the Vice President, but it may be his son -- the only one who can identify the killer from the mountain -- who is really in danger.

With high adventure, stunning landscapes, sharply drawn characters and a fast-moving plot, The Last Mountains launches an exciting new mystery series.

Hear Rick Craig talk about the book and read from it during this week's program.

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