Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thomas McIntyre, author of 'The Snow Leopard's Tale'

There are a few creatures left in the world who live still untamed, prowling through the rocks, blinking slowly at the encroaching civilization far below. On China’s Bountiful Black Mountain, a snow leopard hunts alone, artifact of a vanishing age. But hungry, desperate, when he is finally forced away from the cold stones of his mountain home toward the tents and fires of the valley, he encounters an impossible, startling world. And as we follow him on his journey, as the talented pen of Thomas McIntyre shows us how we appear through the leopard’s eyes, it’s a vision that will finally startle us as well.

More than fourteen years in the making, at the intersection of magic realism and artful allegory, with the detail of our best nature writing and a language resonant of poetry as much as fiction, The Snow Leopard’s Tale is a novel for the ages. Like all the best stories, it will change the way you see the world.

Hear Thomas McIntyre talk about and read from the book during this week's broadcast of The Write Question.

There are many ways to listen:
____________________  An award-winning professional writer for more than thirty-five years, Thomas McIntyre has authored thousands of magazine articles and television scripts, and is the author of such critically-acclaimed books as Days Afield, Dreaming the Lion, and Seasons & Days.

Born and raised in California, he moved to northern Wyoming almost twenty years ago with his wife, Elaine, and son, Bryan. The Snow Leopard’s Tale is his first novel.

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