Wednesday, February 15, 2012

David Shapiro and Ice Age Cataclysm!

In Terra Tempo: Ice Age Cataclysm!, a graphic novel for young readers, Ari, Jenna, and Caleb unlock the secret of time travel and journey back 15,000 years to witness the great Missoula Floods, the largest floods to have ever washed over the face of the earth.

This daring trio encounters a charging short-faced bear, giant mammoths, and saber-toothed cats. They tour changing landscapes from the back of the mythic Thunderbird and work together to survive the dangers of the Ice Age Cataclysm!

During this week's program, TWQ producer Chérie Newman talks with David Shapiro about this graphic novel, which is the first in a series titled Terra Tempo, and about his passion for making scientific information fun for kids. He also imitates the roar of a short-faced bear while reading from the book.

Hear the program Thursday evening at 6:30 ( or 7:30 (, or listen online, anytime.

Find out more about David Shapiro and his creative partners, Erica Melville and Christopher Herndon.

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