Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The book's entire title is Extremeophilia: River Rats, Timber Tramps, Biker Trash, and Realtors: New and Selected Writings. It's a collection of 17 essays written by Fred Haefele during the past 20 years. From working as a timber faller and a tree doctor to profiling environmental protestors and parsing through his own preoccupations with Ken Kesey, Haefele has followed his curiosity into the most extraordinary corners of the place he’s chosen to call home. This anthology of seventeen pieces of nonfiction gives us access not only to one of our most talented writers, it shows us the unique emotional and social topography of a region. It’s an essential addition to any western bookshelf.

During this week's program Fred Haefele talks about why he writes nonfiction (after starting out in fiction) and reads from "Jesus Just Got Evel."

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