Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sheryl Noethe, Montana's Poet Laureate

Montana's last Poet Laureate, Henry Real Bird, rode a horse across the Hi-Line, talking to people and handing out books of his poetry.

But Sheryl Noethe, the current Poet Laureate, has a different mode of transportation. "I decided that I would be the Greyhound Bus Poet Laureate." And she sits in the back of the buses, "with the fun guys," exactly where her husband told her not to sit.

During this week's program, Noethe will read several new poems she wrote about people on buses, which were published in issue #10 of the Whitefish Review. Also published in that issue, the transcript of a conversation between Noethe, David Allen Cates, and two WR editors.

Find out more about Sheryl Noethe and her poetry and listen to the program on the radio or online.

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